How to create 3D graphics using SmartArt

Powerpoint is one of the most powerful tools for creating presentations. One of the best tools is the SmartArt option which allows us to create appealing graphics easily. Today we are going to show you how to create 3D graphics using SmartArt.

How to create 3D graphics using SmartArt

First of all you need to insert any type of Smart Art into your presentation. This can be an arrow or any other graphic you would like to render 3D.

3D charts smartart

Now you need to right click de graphic and select the “Format Shape” Option. Here you can modify the 3D settings and give volume to the arrows.

Also, at the Format Shape you can modify the shadows, the color of the contour and even the rotation axis of the graphics so you can make it pop out neatly.

Ande here you go, a SmartArt rendered 3D add some color and we are done.

3D graphics using SmartArt