Get Additional Presentation Tools For PowerPoint With MagPointer

The conventional presentation options in PowerPoint can often lack certain attributes which may be required by certain users. Such a functionality is often added with the help of various PowerPoint add-ins. However, sometimes some standalone applications can also help make PowerPoint better. MagPointer is an application for Windows based operating systems which adds various handy presentation tools to enhance the functionality of PowerPoint.


Make Your Presentations Special With MagPointer

Using MagPointer you can acquire high-quality magnification for your slides during presentations, highlight text and even mark important parts of a slide during the presentation. This application is ideal for business presentations, online conferences, webinars and other types of large scale or commercial events. Moreover, you can also use this fine tool for making your academic presentations more eye-catching and elaborate, something which may help you impress your teacher and get good grades, by helping you to deliver a solid presentation.

Launch MagPointer

Using MagPointer you can highlight PowerPoint Presentations & keep your audience focused during your slide show. Instead of creating your own animation with annotations you can use MagPointer during your meeting or conference to highlight important areas of your presentation or slide deck.

MagPointer Smart Bar

MagPointer automatically launches when a presentation is run in slideshow mode and provides a toolbar known as the “Smart Bar”. The tools within this bar allow magnifying and highlighting portions of the slide and also provide slide navigation features.

Single Frame

The below image shows the various options that this Smart Bar has to offer. As you can see from the image below, the Smart Bar allows moving between the Next and Previous slide, provides options to show slide objects in frames, makes it possible to highlight areas in the slide and provides an option to zoom certain areas of the slide in high quality.

Smart Bar

High Quality Magnification And Highlighting Options

The Start Zoom option in the Smart Bar allows highlighting specific areas on a slide to display it with precise, high quality magnification (as shown below).

High Quality Zoom

Similarly, you can highlight text or create frames to single out important parts of your presentation slides. To draw a frame, use the Start Frame option in the Smart Bar or drag your mouse over a specific part of the slide.

Highlighting Options

MagPointer Demonstration Video

To see a demonstration of the different features of MagPointer software, see this developer’s video.

MagPointer costs $29.95 and you can test out its various features by downloading it on a trial basis.

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