Free Rippling Water PowerPoint Template With Animated Water Effect

There are many animated PowerPoint templates, or even water-inspired templates, that you can use to make your presentations even more interesting and attractive. These kind of template are beautifully designed and perfect for any type of PowerPoint Presentation, whether it is for business, personal, home, school or organizational use.

Beautifully Designed Title Slide with Rippling Water Effect

Running Water Background

The Free Rippling Water PowerPoint Template With Animated Water Effect is a beautiful template that can help you spruce up simple, static images by adding rippling water effects to them. This template is optimized for PowerPoint 2010 but still works fine in later or earlier versions.

This template contains an animated background that shows a running water, making your every slide and presentation come to life. The rippling effect comes from a video that plays automatically after each slide transition. Each slide video plays for 15 seconds before seamlessly looping so you can play it continuously.

Multiple Slide Layouts and Designs

Different Layouts and Designs

The template contains five slides that have different layouts and designs that you can use for any presentation. The first slide is a title slide where you can see the rippling water effect as a background of your presentation title. The following slides contain a list layout where you can enumerate items for your presentation. These slides have different colored backgrounds that you can choose from and copy and paste on your own presentation. The first is a dark blue colored slide, the next is blue green, and the following is a blue background. The last slide is a section divider layout that you can use as a transition slide or to divide slides of different topics.

With these slide templates, you can create amazing PowerPoint presentations and even keep your audience wondering how you came to create such a compelling and curious presentation. This will definitely get them hooked into your presentation and keep them alert as you go through each interesting slide after another.

Comes with Helpful Tips and Instructions for Beginners

This template contains tips and instructions in the Notes Pane so you can easily reproduce the effects or customize the slide and effects.

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