Create Travel Slideshows in PowerPoint With Expedition Template

If you are involved in travel, tourism, or hospitality industries, you may, at times, need to create presentations that relate to your industries. Wouldn’t you want to be able to create travel-related PowerPoint presentations that are tailored to your industry, rather than use the same old, generic themes?

Showcase Travel Spots or Vacation Photos Using This Template

Take Your Audience on a Visual Tour

Here, we will give you tips on how to create travel slideshows in PowerPoint with Expedition Template. This Expedition Template for PowerPoint is a beautifully designed template that you can use to showcase your own travels or many travel destinations within your area or country. This template contains a world map border that is prevalent in the whole PowerPoint template. It also is set in a complementing light tan background that would easily make your text and photos stand out.

travel template for powerpoint

Beautiful Layouts to Inform and Attract

This Expedition Template contains 5 slides that each have their own unique, individual layouts that you can use and duplicate to complete your own presentation. These layouts are expertly created to present your data in many ways that are sure to grab the attention of your audience and effectively convey your message.

Multiple Layout Options to Effectively and Visually Convey Information

The slide templates start with a cover or title page. It has a title layout where you can clearly display your presentation title, as well as type a subtitle if you wish. The following slide is a title and content layout with list. This allows you to create a list of information for your audience; for example, the various restaurants, bars and coffee shops in a town you are presenting about.

The rest of the slide templates lets you present your data in a visual form. Here, you can use charts, graphs, and diagrams or SmartArt to concisely tell a story or show details. You can also use the sample objects that already come with the template.

Use Charts, SmartArt, Graphs and Other Objects

In addition, you can use this template to create a digital scrapbook of your travels and other vacation photos

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