Desktop Nutrition Tracking Database Template For Access 2013

Today, we are barraged with many food choices that are all enticing. It is very easy to make a whimsical decision or go for a craving, against better, healthful choices. Before you know it, you may find yourself in a health rut. More than ever, it is important to keep track of not only your exercise and activities but your diet as well.

Keep Tabs of Your Daily Nutrient Intake

So whether you are a nutritionist, dietitian, personal trainer, personal chef, or you just want to track nutrition intake for a healthier lifestyle, you can find this template very helpful.

This Desktop Nutrition Tracking Database Template for Access 2013 is a professionally designed template that can help you be on the right track when it comes to health and fitness. This database template allows you to record and track your workout and physical activities, as well as what you eat.

Maintain a Healthy, Active Lifestyle by Keeping Daily Records

This Access Template contains tabs for Tables, Queries, Forms and Macros, which can all be found on the convenient Navigation Pane. Meanwhile, you open the template with Today’s Report, a form that shows basically the food that you have eaten and the calories you have burned. This information are reflected from your Exercise Log and Food Log from the Tables Tab. In the Exercise Log, you can input your daily workout activities according to Date, Exercise Category, Exercise Sub Category, Time Spent, Calories, and Details. Meanwhile, the Food Log allows you to record the Date, Food Eaten, Number of Servings, Type of Meal and Description.

Input Your Profile Into the Database

You can also keep track of your weight using this nutrition tracking database. This Weight Log can help you see if you are rapidly gaining or losing weight, or are fluctuating over a period of time. Another feature of this template is the Recipe that lets you create healthy recipes for yourself and your family. To even further help you keep a healthy lifestyle, the template also comes with Tips.

Furthermore, the template automatically generates charts so you can have a visual data to help you analyze your nutrition, diet, exercise and weight loss.

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