Animated Backgrounds

Sinking in Water Animations For PowerPoint

When it comes to showing a sense of alarm or depicting a bad situation, the concept of sinking comes to mind. You can incorporate this theme in your slides with the help of illustrations and animations to make a solid impact on your audience. Here are various sinking in water animations for PowerPoint that can …

Best Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates

Construction, roadmaps, team building, business ventures and progress can all be presented using symbols like road blocks, puzzle pieces, building blue prints, etc. The Animated Construction PowerPoint Templates listed below can be used for the aforementioned and many other types of presentation topics.

Free Rippling Water PowerPoint Template With Animated Water Effect

Beautifully Designed Title Slide with Rippling Water Effect

There are many animated PowerPoint templates, or even water-inspired templates, that you can use to make your presentations even more interesting and attractive. These kind of template are beautifully designed and perfect for any type of PowerPoint Presentation, whether it is for business, personal, home, school or organizational use.

Awesome Moving Backgrounds for PowerPoint Presentations

Preparing PowerPoint presentations can be a heavy task if we don’t know in advance where to find or download the assets we need for our slides, however if we want to enhance even more our PowerPoint presentations then we can add animations and moving backgrounds for PowerPoint that will enrich our presentations. Moreover, using high …

Best Animated Technology PowerPoint Templates

If you need to find the best animated technology PowerPoint templates for your technology presentations then by far the templates provided by PresenterMedia are the right option. After you get the annual subscription you can download unlimited technology templates for PowerPoint and cliparts to use in your presentations. The animated technology templates available on PresenterMedia …

Download free Animated PowerPoint Templates with Instructions

From the official Office website you can access tons of free animated PowerPoint templates and backgrounds to be used in your slides. Even if you are learning to use animations in PowerPoint, these templates have instructions so you can learn how are created. Some of them use shapes and custom animation effects to make awesome …