Free Performance Review Template Form for Word

For a business owner that employs a staff to provide services to customers, it is important that interactions give customer satisfaction. In industries where income generation depends on how customers are treated and how employees perform, it is important to put standards in place.

These employee performance standards must be upheld and to ensure that employees adhere to them, evaluation measures must be done regularly. The Free Performance Review Template Form for Word is a professionally designed employee evaluation form created to measure employee performance.

Review and Rate Employee Performance

This is a free-to-use template for Word that you can use to conveniently evaluate employees and measure them in standardized criteria, as shown below.

Evaluate Employees in a Snap

The Free Performance Review Template Form is a helpful template for evaluating the performance of many employees. This form makes it easy for the assessor or evaluator to fill out employee information and rate employees.

This Performance Evaluation Template also allows you to rate your employees on the same evaluation criteria so that the review is objective and without bias. This template for Word 2007 or later versions is ideal for businesses where client output, attendance, and overall performance can make or break the operations of the company.

Assess Employee on Various Criteria

The rating criteria of this performance review template include Job Knowledge, Work Quality, Attendance/Punctuality, Initiative, Communication/Listening Skills, Dependability, and Overall Rating. Because this is a standard performance evaluation template, it can be used periodically or regularly to monitor the performance and progress of employees overtime.

Objectively Measure Employee Performance

This Free Performance Review Template Form also lets you be more objective in rating your employees. The template form also contains spaces so you can write comments about your employees’ performance. Aside from these, there are also spaces for Evaluation and for Goals, which is ideal for discussion with the employees.

Coach Employee to Improve Performance

This form can be printed out for many copies so that it can be used as a standard performance evaluation form for all employees and can be used to evaluate them for monthly, quarterly, mid-year or even yearly evaluations.

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Employee Performance Review Template for Excel

If you are looking for a similar template for Excel, then the Employee Performance Review Template for Excel is just what you need. Like the Word template, you can use this Excel version to create performance evaluations for your employees with the help of an easy to use layout.

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Employee Performance Review Template

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