Word 2007

How to Customize Default Document Settings in Word


Many businesses and organizations can have their own style guides or document formatting standards. This is especially true in the academic setting or even in journalism. There are organizations that practice their own document formatting and styles that deviate from the default document settings of Word. Here is how you can customize default document settings …

How to Create a Word Document with Self Updating Date & Time Stamp


Date and time stamps may just be one of the most underrated things in a document. We tend to overlook when a letter or statement was written and pay more close attention to when it was sent. However, for important documents such as billing statements and other things, ensuring that your document is current is …

Independence Day Flyer Template For Word

Whether in school, in your community, or your organization, you may celebrate Independence Day every year. After all, Independence Day is truly a great event to commemorate. So if you have something special prepared, from something as simple as an Independence Day dinner or a full-on program with performances, you need to have everyone involved.

Printable Dinosaur Coloring Book For Word


Whether the child is learning in school or is being homeschooled, he/she will always be fascinated about different kinds of animals and creatures, such as dinosaurs. Dinosaurs catch children’s attention because they are big, strange, and mysterious. If you are a parent or a teacher who wants to teach children about dinosaurs and how they lived …

Sample Mail Merge Letter For Word

Today, mail takes on a whole new level as technology grows. From dozens to hundreds, we are now able to send up to thousands of letters all over the globe for corporate or marketing use. One such technology is mail merge, which makes mass mailing so much easier using pre-addressed and personalized letters.

Black Tie Newsletter Design Template For Word


Even with the advancements in social media and digital marketing, writing newsletters is still a popular way for companies to reach their customers and build relationships with them. This also is a very cost-effective way to update customers and maintain regular contact with them about what is happening with your company.

Sample Letter Requesting Informal Interview For Word

When you’re looking for a job, it is important to be aggressive in the sense that you really go after what you want. You make a way for your potential employer or the hiring manager to notice you and see your perseverance and eagerness. After all, these are qualities that many recruiters look for in …

Standard Business Invoice Template For Word


Businesses involved in selling products or services deal with customers on a daily basis. These customers are vital in the company’s revenue, because customers provide an essential cash flow. This said, one important document that you need to give your customers, so you get paid the right amount on time, is the invoice.

How To Make Political Campaign Bumper Stickers in Word


To further intensify, recall and increase exposure of your campaign, you need to think up many ways to create campaign material. One of the most effective yet cost-efficient ways is by using a political campaign bumper sticker. This is a marketing material that you can use for your political campaign. You create stickers that people and …