Under this category you can find form templates including documents with forms and PowerPoint templates with forms and guides that you can use to prepare presentations. A form document is a document with blank spaces or fields in which the user may write or select options. The documents usually have the printed parts in common, possibly except for a serial number. There are several advantages about using forms and form templates, for example you need to write less, uniformity, simpler tasks and simplify the workflow in a business or organization. A form is a also shape, visual appearance, constitution or configuration of an object.

How to Capture Information from Web Based Forms for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


In the world of business, it’s important to always stay connected, especially since mobile technology allows you to harness its power and convenience to get more work done whenever and wherever. However, not many apps allow you to work when you’re offline, making you less productive when you’re on the go. Add this to the …

How to Create Forms in Word

Enter Date

Forms are a great way to gather information. Aside from being interactive, they also make it easier for you to connect with your intended audience, especially since there are many ways to deliver forms today. Whether it’s through email or website or any other platform, forms allow you a convenient, highly customizable way to collect …

Conduct Surveys, Quizzes And Polls With Microsoft Forms

microsoft forms

Creating quizzes, tests, assessments, surveys, and forms have always been time-consuming. There’s ensuring that your form or test is clear and organized. You have to be thorough in conceptualizing and laying out all the items on the document. You also have to ensure that your test is easily understandable by your target respondents so you …

Price Quote With Tax Calculation Template For Excel

If you are involved in hiring suppliers for your business, a price quote is a necessity. The same can be said for the suppliers. It is the suppliers’ job to provide price quotes to potential clients so that the clients know just how much a job or a product costs in order to make adequate …

Sample Request Form For Approval To Hire For Word


When you’re part of the human resources department, you perform so many important things that, in the long run, they are highly important for the growth of the company. For one, you hire people for the workforce. And you don’t just hire the applicants that come in. You choose the best fit for the job, …

Workplace Survey Template for Excel Online

Providing employees with survey forms across a large organization can be time consuming. Moreover, estimating responses and making sense out of data to calculate an average response for a specific question can be even more daunting and there might be the need to enter a lot of data manually from paper, which can result in …

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet Template For Word

Sign Up Volunteers for a Cause

Getting volunteers for your cause can be a challenging task. Recruiting the right people and convincing them to volunteer their time and energy, is important for your campaign to thrive. After all, its success means the success of your organization’s cause, which would in turn benefit people in your community, school, or workplace.

Expense Report Form Template For Excel

Easily List Expenses in this Form

Expense reports from employees, especially those who are on official business trips, are important to ensure that the company is not spending unaccounted for resources, particularly money. An expense report is a detailed report usually created weekly, monthly, annually, or after each project or business trip. The Expense Report Form Template for Excel is a professionally …

Free Bill of Lading Form Template For Excel

Create an Official Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading is a document issued by a carrier to a shipper of goods. This negotiable document has three purposes: as a receipt for the goods shipped, proof of the contract of carriage, and document of ownership. Among many Excel templates from the Office portal is the Bill of Lading Form Template. This free …

Free Inventory Control Forms Template For Microsoft Access

Handle Inventory Management in a Breeze

One of the most challenging parts of running a business is in keeping track of inventory to ensure that you have what you need to keep your operations running smooth and that there is no spoilage, wastage, damage, or even pilferage from your staff. The Free Inventory Control Forms Template for Microsoft Access is a multi-purpose …