Under this category you can find form templates including documents with forms and PowerPoint templates with forms and guides that you can use to prepare presentations. A form document is a document with blank spaces or fields in which the user may write or select options. The documents usually have the printed parts in common, possibly except for a serial number. There are several advantages about using forms and form templates, for example you need to write less, uniformity, simpler tasks and simplify the workflow in a business or organization. A form is a also shape, visual appearance, constitution or configuration of an object.

How to Create Forms in Word

Enter Date

Forms are a great way to gather information. Aside from being interactive, they also make it easier for you to connect with your intended audience, especially since there are many ways to deliver forms today. Whether it’s through email or website or any other platform, forms allow you a convenient, highly customizable way to collect …

Articulate Quizmaker: Create Quizzes, Surveys, and Interactive Assessments

Making surveys and quizzes for PowerPoint presentations, e-learning courses and Learning management Systems can be extremely time consuming and laborious. Moreover, even applications like Microsoft Word or InfoPath aren’t always convenient for the job. This is why a specialist application like Articulate Quizmaker can be quite handy. Quizmaker enables easy creation of surveys, quizzes and …

Expense Report Form Template For Excel

Easily List Expenses in this Form

Expense reports from employees, especially those who are on official business trips, are important to ensure that the company is not spending unaccounted for resources, particularly money. An expense report is a detailed report usually created weekly, monthly, annually, or after each project or business trip. The Expense Report Form Template for Excel is a professionally …