Concept Map Templates For PowerPoint

Concept maps are widely used for making technical models and fore representing the relationship between various concepts. When presenting your concept map during a presentation, having an easy to grasp layout is important. PowerPoint can be an effective tool for not only making concept map presentations but also to generate concept maps that can be printed for official or personal use.

PowerPoint Templates for Making Concept Maps

Whether you need a good template for making a PowerPoint Presentation or require a stencil for making a concept map with some nice graphics and attractive imagery, the following concept map templates for PowerPoint can help you create professional looking concept maps with ease.

powerpoint templates for making concept maps

Mind Map Diagram Template for PowerPoint

This is an ideal template for making mind maps and concept maps. The template has various sample slides with a highly customizable layout that can help you easily add or remove placeholders to create concept maps with the help of text and images.

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mind map diagram template for powerpoint

Simple Mind Map Template for PowerPoint

This is a template that offers diverse layouts for making simple mind and concept maps. With as many as eight different sample slides the template acts as a good resource for making concept maps with unique layouts and also offers some good layout ideas for elaborating your concept map or certain aspects of it in individual slides.

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simple mind map powerpoint template

Creative Mind Map Template for PowerPoint

If you want to get a little creative with your concept or mind map, then this template can help you reflect upon technical concepts with the help of images of synapses moving across a brain.

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creative mind map template for microsoft powerpoint

Tree Diagram PowerPoint Template for Making Concept Maps

This is another good template for making concept maps. As the template is highly editable, you can move around the different leaves of the tree or copy/paste existing leaves to create additional leaves for making elegant concept maps.

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tree diagram template for microsoft powerpoint

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