Employee Templates

Employee Training PowerPoint Template


It’s not just your customers that you have to impress when you make a presentation. You may also need to create presentations for your prospective employees or new hires, and you have to give them a good impression about your company as well. One of the first ways a newly-hired employee gets to know more …

Employee Schedule & Hourly Increment Template For Excel


Keeping track of your employees’ schedules is a vital part of ensuring work efficiency and smooth operations of the company. However, employee schedule tracking software can cost a lot and can add up big bucks in the long run. So to keep your costs low while still allowing you all the things that you need …

Employee Or Independent Contractor Checklist Template For Excel

Professional Employee or Independent Contractor Checklist

Finding the right person for a particular job may as well be like finding a needle in a haystack. From a pool of dozens, if not hundreds, of individuals, you should know which ones are the perfect fit for the job description and what classification they belong in. To ensure that you get the right …

Employee Orientation Presentation Template For PowerPoint

Employee Orientation Template for Any Industry or Business

Orienting employees is part of the process of recruiting and introducing new employees into the company. Employee orientations are important because it familiarizes new hires into company operations and the people that work in it. Before a new employee can become a productive and effective part of the company, orientation is necessary to provide a …

Free Employee Absence Tracker For Excel

Easily Fill In All the Information in the Premade Table

An employee’s attendance is crucial to the smooth operation of a company. Unknown to many, employee tardiness and absences can cause a company a lot of money. Poor attendance can affect overall employee morale, cost other employees to go overtime, and reduce employee engagement. That is why many companies go to lengths in encouraging good …

Track Employee Hours With Desktop Time Card Template For Access

Professionally Designed for Manpower Tracking

For companies that employ a number of people for certain tasks, it is important that employee tracking and payroll systems are in place to ensure smooth and productive operations. These systems are also necessary so employees’ work hours are maximized.

Free Employee Time Sheet Template For Excel 2013

Free and Convenient to Use Employee Time Sheet

For a business owner who employs multiple employees, keeping track of employees’ schedule for performance, record-keeping and payroll purposes may be a challenge. Some companies spend big amounts of money on timekeeping software that basically just allows you to record your employees’ time sheet, when in fact you can just do the same tasks–for free. 

Free Performance Review Template Form for Word

Review and Rate Employee Performance

For a business owner that employs a staff to provide services to customers, it is important that interactions give customer satisfaction. In industries where income generation depends on how customers are treated and how employees perform, it is important to put standards in place.

Best Free Employee Evaluation Templates And Tools

When conducting employee evaluations the most convenient method for a Human Resource Department or a manager is to use readymade templates or to use online tools. We have previously covered many such resources, including employee evaluation templates for PowerPoint, as well as web apps. Below is a compilation for some of the best resources to …