Free Employee Time Sheet Template For Excel 2013

For a business owner who employs multiple employees, keeping track of employees’ schedule for performance, record-keeping and payroll purposes may be a challenge. Some companies spend big amounts of money on timekeeping software that basically just allows you to record your employees’ time sheet, when in fact you can just do the same tasks–for free.¬†

The Free Employee Time Sheet Template for Excel 2013 allows you to log regular and overtime work hours of your employees on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, wherein totals are automatically calculated within the template.

Free and Convenient to Use Employee Time Sheet

Easy and Convenient Time Sheet for Free

You don’t have to spend on elaborate software for the time sheet. Microsoft Office provides various time sheet templates, as well as employee scheduling templates, that will help you be on top of your employees’ schedules and work hours.

This Free Employee Time Sheet Template allows you to conveniently record each of your employees’ work hours for any day of the month. You can also easily type in your employees’ daily overtime hours and create totals for weekly, monthly or even yearly hours. This time sheet template lets you record each employees’ work hours. All you have to do is copy the template and create as many tabs as your employees to create time sheets for them. You can rename each tab according to your employee for easy lookup.

Automatically Compute for Totals

Save Money Spent on Paid Software

This Employee Time Sheet Template, as well as many other Excel Templates, can be downloaded from the Office portal for free, saving you money.

This free Excel template is complete and comprehensive to cover each employee for the whole year. The template is separated into four parts, representing each quarter. Under each quarter are the months and the corresponding week numbers. This template lets you auto-compute totals for regular work hours and over time, with built-in formula to auto-compute daily, weekly and up to yearly work and overtime hours.

Hassle-Free Computing for Employees' Work Hours and Overtime

The yearly regular and overtime work hours are displayed at the top of the template and are separated accordingly, with a total to represent all the hours worked. This way, payroll is easy and any business owner or manager can easily see the attendance, reliability and performance of each employee.

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