Extreme Negotiation Method Harvard Business Review

When we talk about negotiations, usually a buyer seller relationship strikes in our mind. Actually this term is best suited for this case because it is that field which demands good mutual understanding. It is on the basis of this understanding only that two people or parties will reach to some satisfying conclusion. So this process intends to resolve issues on the basis of compromise.

Extreme Negotiation Method Harvard Business Review states that in situations like extreme negotiations the actual power does not depend upon how alert or fluent you are in front of the other party but on your preparations to face them and get a yes from them.

It is quite difficult to get an abrupt yes particularly in businesses today because of their structure and functionality. The CEO s and senior company executives have to make infinite complex, high-stake deals across number of fields with alliance partners and difficult suppliers and with customers and regulators. The pressure of such negotiations may make them feel burdened.

In order to overcome situations like these there is a need to follow some definite strategies which are sure to give out appreciating and successful outcomes. These methods are as follows:

  • Maintain a bigger picture perspective. This will broaden up your horizon for future deals by resolving significant conflicts with your opposite party.
  • Bring improvement in your collaborations by uncovering your hidden agendas.
  • Play fairly using facts and figures to get high deals.
  • Keep your focus both on process as well as outcomes to grab the ultimate deals with suitable bargain.

So by following these methods business owners can form an effective framework for carrying out successful negotiations and can excellently guide their moves on the negotiating table. Such strategies will enable you to change the balance of power and effect in negotiation even before the conversation starts. Now it’s easy to get the sales without compromising with the margin.

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Making use of such methods will enable you to successfully change the game in your favor while dealing with aggressive buyers. So just don’t simply react but negotiate in a deliberate and strategic way to witness successful results.

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