Review on Negotiation Methods

The process by which people settle their differences is Negotiation. It’s a dialogue between one or more parties by which agreement or compromising is reached while evading any argumentation. It mainly occurs in personal situations, between nations, legal proceedings, Government branches, nonprofit organizations and business enterprises.

Review on Negotiation Methods Presentation

In order to makes sure that you are getting the best in end, it becomes imperative for you to keep your emotions under cover while the negotiation is going on. To better understand your challenger’s position it’s important to know about what you are negotiating only then you will be able to reach the desired outcome.

What are the Best Negotiation Methods?

It is of no doubt that selecting the method for negotiation truly depends upon the profile of negotiations, proficiency of players, desired outcome and situation as well. There is a Review on Negotiation Methods that can be categorized in several modes.

Hard & Soft

In a negotiation between hard and soft bargainers, the voiceless approach which hides the bottom line and competitive in nature comes out more strongly with a great deal as compared to the soft bargainers.  He/she is the one who shares the bottom line and behaves in a transparent way.

The Distributive Negotiation

This type of negotiation does not lead to positive and lasting relationships. Since it is mainly referred to as win-lose situations. For example, if you feel like that you have been cheated and property manager had the upper hand, you will get the feeling of lost. On the other hand, if property manager had to give up something and in return you got a good deal, you will feel that you have won.


In order to utilize a formal dispute resolution procedure, ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) acts as a great alternative to negotiation. One factor that makes it different is that the partners will be satisfied with the positive outcome. Further on, they can also move to litigation and arbitration as a last appeal.


This sort of negotiation helps in fostering good and trusted working relationships. They are referred to as win-win situation where each and everyone win something. Here, each side is working towards a solution where the chances of win increase for both the parties.

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With the implementation of these methods, there is a greater chance of effective negotiation. They can be of great benefit in resolving issues and concerns arising between the two people. To build stronger business relationships, these above mentioned techniques may acts as catalysts.

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