Agenda or Summary Layout in PowerPoint Presentation

Displaying an agenda or summary of items in a PowerPoint presentation is something that we may need to include in our business or presentations. Especially when we are presenting the PPT to a group of colleagues in a weekly meeting or a remote presentation. If you need to prepare a layout for an agenda or summary then here we will give you some ideas.

Agenda or Summary Layout in PowerPoint Presentation

The design used for this agenda template in PowerPoint is very basic but effective. You can list the different time for each topic and discussion using shapes and textboxes. This design has a agenda in vertical style, but you can easily convert it to an horizontal template.

Alternatively, you may learn how to insert a timeline in PowerPoint which may be more powerful to show an agenda or summary for events or presentations that take more than one full day. Using timelines in PowerPoint you can easily show the milestones in a project but also the schedule for a meeting or conference or convention presentation.



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