Getting the Yes: Review on Fisher and Ury Method of Negotiation

Whether you bargain at the fruit market, or dealing with your better half over small issues, you are always negotiating. It’s a fact of life and cannot be ignored at any point of time as it’s an innately complex matter.

Getting the Yes: Review on Fisher and Ury Method of Negotiation

The book Getting to Yes written by Roger Fisher and William Ury, the associate director and director of the Harvard Negotiation Project. Getting the Yes: Review on Fisher and Ury Method of Negotiation basically focuses on the method of Principled Negotiation. This concept actually allow in reaching an agreement that will be accepted by both the parties.

The solutions explained in the book enable both the sides to achieve their desired outcomes. Here are some important constituents of principled negotiation. Let us discuss in detail:

  • In order to reach the common goal, it becomes imperative for you to understand your own sets of interests and the other party’s interests (stakeholders). Because, this is the main reason of two parties available at the negotiation table.
  • In finding various options in negotiation process, creativity can be a useful skill. Thus, find as many as you can, however also remember to look from other party’s view point only then you will be able to reach the common goal.
  • Always have a plan B or BATNA which is, Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. Since, you will be in a position to compare any negotiated solution and if it’s not better than the alternative you have chosen then you may also leave the negotiation.
  • At least to some extent, your ability to persuade others plays a vital role in the negotiation. No doubt, your legitimate standards show the second party that you are being just and fair. Not just this, you should also engage in demonstrating your listening and interactive skills.
  • By engaging in principled negotiation, you will also get a chance to build healthy relationship with other side’s party. Further on, the successful negotiation always closes with the commitment to act on the settlement. It helps in building a positive momentum towards a final closure. Certainly, the negotiation will end on a positive note.

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Undoubtedly, in real life negotiations by practicing the above mentioned elements you will become proficient against defending against unethical practices. More satisfactory results and a win-win situation are sure to arise at one level.

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