Create Wireframes With Online Collaboration Using iPlots

If you work in application or design, or software programming, you may at times need to create a framework on how you want your website or program to go. A framework provides an overview and a plot or outline of the whole project, making it easier for your team to understand how you want your design to go. iPlotz is a tool that helps you create clickable, easily navigable wireframes and mockups that recreate or provide the experience of a real, functioning website or software application.

Collaborative and Project Management Tool

iPlotz is a collaborative tool that also allows other people from your team to critique and give feedback on the design. Eventually, iPlotz also allows you to then manage and track your developers and designers as they start and progress through the project. iPlotz is compatible with Windows, Mac, or Linux with browsers that has flash enabled.

Recreate a Website Prototype with iPlotz

iPlotz Features

Through iPlotz, you can add, delete, rename, modify or customize many pages about your sitemap. You can also drag and drop elements onto a resizable page, and then link them to other pages within the site or to external web pages. iPlotz is also collaborative in that you can invite your team to participate in the creation process. You can share editing privileges with your team so that they can modify wireframes on your project.

What is great about this is that once you are done and feedback has been given, you can still continue on iPlotz to see your project through until completion. iPlotz also has a project management and task management feature, letting you be on top of the project and track the tasks as a whole and the individual tasks of all the members of your team.

Manage Your Team and Track Project Progress

From prototype to the final product, you can use iPlotz to turn any idea into a superb website or application.

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