Collaboration for online presentations and meeting using Skype

Skype is a great tool for communication that is completely free for PC-to-PC phone conversations and it can be used by small and medium businesses with a tight budget or elearning centers as well as online schools and courses but also useful for online presentations.

But let’s see another way to use Skype, this time for collaboration purposes, where you can share a board with your participants.

IDroo is an online educational multiuser whiteboard that can be integrated with Skype to allow collaboration between participants. It is completely free for non commercial use and enables collaborative meetings with many participants (10 or even more).

This tool can be used for example to insert simple and complex mathematical equations for Math courses and draw and write your ideas in a white board.

You can express your mind through images and take advantage of high quality calls over Skype.

Here are a few features of IDroo:

  • It is free for non commercial use
  • Drawings can be easily editable vector graphics
  • Works with Wacom Bamboo, Wacom Intous and other digital tablets
  • Integrates seamless with Skype for online collaboration and meetings

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