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From community causes to environmental and political issues, people have advocacies that they feel strongly about and create petitions for. Petitions are a way to give voice to people’s causes and advocacies, and move leaders to do something about it. A petition is a request signed by many individuals, and is usually addressed to a public official or leader. The Microsoft Office portal has a number of petition templates and one of them is the Free Petition Template for Word.

Encourage People to Sign Up for Your Cause

Get People Signing

The Free Petition Template for Word is a useful template for collecting signatures from people in your organization or community for a cause you want to be given attention and acted upon by your community leaders or public officials.

This free Word template is a 3-page template that is set in A4-size paper and in landscape format, allowing enough space for your petitioners’ Name, Signature, Address, and Date. This template also has enough space for people to write in their comments and messages for the petition recipients.

Easily Print Multiple Copies of Your Petition

This petition template also contains a Title that shows the Action Petitioned For. The template also lets you type in a short summary or background about your petition or cause, and the action you are petitioning for.

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More Petition Templates

Aside from this Free Petition Template for Word, there are other petition templates available in the Office portal, like the Joint Petition for Divorce Template. This template is a legal request of two parties, husband and wife, to file a divorce and the decision is mutual for both parties.

Create a Well-Written and Detailed Joint Petition for Divorce

Unlike a Complaint for Divorce, this Joint Petition for Divorce, is a “no fault” petition, meaning both parties want to end the marriage without filing any complaint or liability on the other party. This Joint Petition for Divorce usually precedes an Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage, which means the marriage has broken down and can no longer continue.

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