Free Simple Inventory Management Template For Excel

For every home and household, keeping track of your house’s valuable things is important, especially in the case of insurance claims. A home inventory, whether for a house you own or a space you rent, is invaluable in showing insurance companies the things you lost in cases of break-ins, fire, or some other catastrophe.

A home inventory is also useful in keeping your home organized and in maintaining a clutter-free environment. We have featured many home inventory templates in this site and we are discussing another home inventory tool in this review.

Create a Simple and Standard Inventory List

Organize Your Home Contents

The Free Simple Inventory Management Template for Excel is a pretty standard inventory management template for keeping tabs on your property for every room in your house. This free template lets you list down your valuables and record serial and model numbers, as well as the dates of purchase, purchase price and even photos of each inventory item.

Inventory for Your Home, Valuables and Collections

This Free Simple Inventory Management template lets you record the Purchase Price and the Estimated Current Value of each inventory item in your household so you will know how much your properties are worth and which items are depreciating. This template also makes it easy for you to organize the items in your home and see which ones are broken, damaged, or needs repair.

Great for Gadgets, Collectibles and Insurance

This Free Simple Inventory Management Template works best in Excel 2013. You can also use this inventory template for your collections, or for your gadgets and other hobbies. You can use this template to make an inventory for your book, movie, DVD, or toy collection.

Easy and Convenient for Keeping Track of Valuables

This template can also be shown to your insurance company and as it is in printer-friendly format. Its header displays all the necessary information such as your Name, Address and Phone Number, Insurance Policy Number, Insurance Agent Name, Insurance Agent Phone, Insurance Company and Phone, and Total Estimated Value on All Items, which is auto-computed in the worksheet.

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