Software Development

Best Kanban Software And Templates For Business

Kanban is a scheduling mechanism for controlling and formulating an effective production system. It is tied to the just-in-time delivery system for maintaining an effective stock of goods for sale.

Create And Share Wireframes Online With MockFlow

Wireframing and prototyping can be quite conveniently done with the help of various cloud based tools. Using a cloud based solution for making your wireframes not only makes it possible to use a wide variety of library items and templates but also enables online collaboration and instant sharing of your projects, which is ideal for …

How to Make a Spiral Diagram in PowerPoint

Making a spiral design in PowerPoint can help you to create awesome spiral diagrams that you can use to represent different business concepts and consulting models or present your data. PowerPoint doesn’t have a SmartArt graphic where we can get a spiral design, at least using PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. However, we can create a spiral diagram from …

How To Log and Track Bugs in Microsoft Access

Automatically Generate and Display Reports

A software development project not only needs project management tools. It has special needs that sets it apart from other projects because a bug tracking system must be put in place in order to ensure smooth and faultless operation of your software or application. 

Create Wireframes With Online Collaboration Using iPlots

Collaborative and Project Management Tool

If you work in application or design, or software programming, you may at times need to create a framework on how you want your website or program to go. A framework provides an overview and a plot or outline of the whole project, making it easier for your team to understand how you want your …

PowerStory: Use PowerPoint to Define Wireframes and Use Case Driven Storyboards

There are hundreds of options out there for defining UI Mockups or Wireframes as part of defining software requirements.  So when we first looked at PowerStory, we thought “ok, yet another tool that is the same as the rest”. Then we looked deeper and found that PowerStory truly took a unique approach that is not just …