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Tips For A Winning Congressional Debate

Winning a congressional debate can be a task in itself because of the sheer volume of young orators that take part in it! A student congress or a congressional debate is an event in which students from different schools take part in a debate wherein each school provides legislation to debate on. The student competitors …

A Speech To Toast The Spirit Of Fatherhood

William Wordsworth, the famous English poet, who rendered World with some beautiful compositions may not be here amongst us anymore, but there is one of his lines that mind can never get over with, “Father! – to God himself we cannot give a holier name”. What else can better describe the significance of a Father …

Why People Might Be Dozing Off During Your Presentation

Have you ever been to a conference or seminar, where even 5 minutes afterwards, you failed to remember what the speaker said? Far too many times, I guess! And, that’s certainly not your fault, as it so happens with many presenters that they fail to understand purpose of their presentation and go ahead with making …

Tickle Your Audience’s Funny Bone With A Humorous Wedding Speech

Weddings are most definitely a joyous occasion for everyone, unless you are the one paying for everything because that would definitely not be joyous for you. But for everyone else it is a time to just enjoy and gear up for a new and completely different life than either party was ever used to.

The How To Of Winning A Debate Contest

If a question is raised here as to what actually defines a debate, then majority of people will end up projecting it as a verbal argument where one is supposed to counteract the opinion of other, so as to win over the contest. But, to your mere dismay, its answer is just the opposite.

Personality Traits Of Successful Leaders

We all have heard about the countless stories of great leaders from around the world like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and many more! But did you know that most successful leaders have a lot in common that you would have never known! But however different the leaders, when it comes to traits …

Keep Your Audience Hooked With These Exciting Presentation Tips

Presentations have long been a part of our schedules. Be it educational presentations in class room or marketing presentations at corporate level; these have emerged as a magnificent tool to clearly demonstrate your message before a gathering. But, there is a slight conflict that can turn your presentation into a big failure. And, that is …

How Not To Sweat Out On Stage

The introductory speech has been given and your name has been called out on stage. But, suddenly your stomach feels queasy with jitters. And, your confidence level goes down beyond your reach to an extent that you just want to run away from stage. This is what actually stage fright is, which happens to most …

Effective Means To Gather Feedback On Presentations

It takes a great deal of self confidence to be able to deliver a presentation before huge crowds; hence once it is done you do feel a sense of relief. But wait, just giving the presentation isn’t enough; to fully serve the purpose, you must not skip the part where you gather feedback!

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