To Embrace Or Avoid Using Cue Cards in A Speech

Public speeches and cue cards have been together ever since the process began. Although cue cards are also used in a variety of other forms they have been associated with speeches more often than not. There has always been a split between both audience as well as public speakers about the usage of cue cards. Some consider it incorrect while some happily embrace the concept.

Although it is a personal choice but, you should weigh the pros and cons of using cue cards before getting on stage with or without them. Cue cards, are basically small pieces of paper cut uniformly carrying either the key points or the entire speech that you are about to deliver.

using cue cards in a speech

Cue Cards come with their set of advantages and disadvantages and thus it is entirely up to you whether or not they would be a part of your speech.

Advantages of using cue cards

First of all using cue cards takes off the pressure that comes with memorizing the speech. It is not necessary to write down everything that composes your speech and then not preparing for the speech, because that would hamper your flow during the speech and that makes you look unprepared. It is always useful to keep the cards as reference material just in case you lose the plot.

When you are holding your cue cards, it prevents unnecessary hand movements thus improving your body language and enhancing the speech delivery style by leaps and bounds.

Cue cards also induce pauses in your speech, which is a good thing because you are delivering a speech not reading out a paper and pauses play a vital role in improving the speech delivery process. The pauses are induced when you look down at your cards for reference. This makes your speech delivery better.

Disadvantages of using cue cards

Cue cards may give an impression that you are not prepared and are not well informed about the topic at hand. This affects your connection with the audience in a negative way, as the audience would shift its focus from the content you have to offer, to your style and the mistakes you make.

When using cue cards you need to practice extreme caution not to wander off track, since doing that would make things worse and leave a permanent dent on your public speaking career.

Although cue cards have a mixed response and different individuals would have an opinion of their own, it is entirely up to you whether to use them or not. If you can handle your own then go for it and if not then practice as much as you can and overcome the hurdles.

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