Why Brain Mapping A Persuasive Speech is Imperative?

The term Brain Mapping essentially is a term used in psychology as the study of the brain and its functions along with the spinal cord. But speakers we use this term metaphorically in order to aid themselves along with others to make their speeches more persuasive.

The brain works in ways that is impossible for us to comprehend. There is a lot that goes on in a person’s mind while he is writing or preparing for a persuasive speech and that is why it is an absolute necessity that the brain is kept in check and controlled to perform better and more efficiently. For this purpose, you can also make use of concept and Mind Map Templates.


The ideal way to brain map is to go to a quiet, deserted place with a clear mind. Carry along with you sheets of plain paper and different colored pens. Draw an image of your central idea anything that you feel represents it, this will help your creative juices flow. Now start to write keywords (not phrases) that represent the image, be spontaneous and do not let any idea get filtered out, fill up as many pages as you wish. If you feel you have run out of keywords then start to write words that represent the keywords. Once you have finished this exercise, start to associate the different words that you find relevant. This will help you eliminate all the words that are synonymous or are redundant towards the topic.

Brain Mapping & the Key to Giving a Persuasive Speech

While preparing for a speech you need to know why you are going to give that speech, meaning, a speech is given to share information, to entertain, to convince and to persuade the audience into taking the desired action. Keeping these things in mind will allow your speech to be appropriate and a persuasive speech. You as a speaker will be required to make a map of the flow of the speech. For instance, whether you want to start your speech directly and shock the audience or do you want to give it a delayed but grand entrance.

Even though it seems like the job at hand is not a big deal, it may come as a shock to you that brain mapping can be quite tedious and may require you to go over and over the routine in your head just to make sure everything is right. Only by mapping out everything correctly in your head will make you and the speech in sync and make it into a smashing hit!

If you know how to give a good persuasive speech then using this technique will do wonders for you. Knowing how the information is going to be disseminated and when what needs to be told will make the speech worth all your effort and time. When you make a layout of the speech be sure to include all the things that make it worth the time of your audience, after all they are the reason why you are giving a speech anyway!

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