Secrets To Delivering A Winning Hat Speech

‘Hat speeches’ have been an integral part of our social set up and play an important part in shaping young minds by providing them the much needed exposure to public speaking. The challenge here is to deliver a speech on a topic that you pick out of a hat or a bowl for that matter.

Although the organizer needs to keep in mind the audiences as well as the participants in mind while drafting the topics yet many have tumbled downhill during their “Hat Speech” experience.

winning hat speech

Since it is no easy task to speak on a topic that you haven’t prepared for and that has just popped in front of you out of a hat. It is always beneficial to keep these simple tricks up your sleeve while going for a Hat speech competition.

Confidence is The Key

This must have been told to you over a million times but it is true, the best way to deliver a speech is with confidence and poise. If you have the confidence no matter what comes your way you are bound to deliver a spellbinding speech. And if you lack it then even if you get the simplest of topics you will mess it up without fail.

Prepare Before You deliver

Don’t start talking the moment you take the topic out of the hat, take a step backwards, and organize your thoughts. Take a few minute to think about the topic at hand and compile all the information you have in a systematic manner, in your head. Try and think about a great opening line, once you have done all of this, take to the stage and bind the audience with your words.

Don’t Lose The Plot

Stay on track with your thoughts and try to make sure that you don’t lose the plot in the middle of your speech. Follow the plan that you drafted before you started with your speech and just in case your speech goes haywire, fight cold feet and get a grip on the situation and finish your speech with grace.

These three tips would definitely help you conquer any Hat speech situation and deliver a memorable speech.

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