Public Speaking & Presentations

Why Presentation Skills Are So Important?

Has it ever happened to you that you had to deliver a presentation the other day- script was ready, your audience was all ears, you had also done rehearsals earlier, but still at the last moment, something went missing? Probably you got nervous or may be your body language failed to connect with the audience.

3 Tips For Maintaining Composure During A Speech

You may not believe this, but even a presidential candidate gets nervous when speaking publicly. This is not because he is unprepared for the moment, but because it is a natural phenomenon to witness nerves when addressing a gathering. However, this nervousness is not as drastic as are its after effects; either you end up …

Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Presentation

Do you remember the last time you came across a presenter who breathed excellence into a presentation with his remarkable skills. Well, chances are quite rare! Or in that case, you can probably recollect the bad ones comparatively easily. This is largely because most of us are afraid of public speaking. So, whenever opportunity strikes, …

The How-To Of An Informational Speech

Public speaking itself is a matter of extreme discomfort for many of us. If some of us lack preparation then others fall short of the confidence to present their ideas before a gathering. Adding to it, if you are required to give speech on a topic like the informative ones, situation gets all the more …

How To Make An Appealing Impromptu Speech?

Rarely does anything give so many people anxiety attacks than delivering a speech. But delivering an impromptu speech is the stuff of nightmares for a lot of people. Chiefly because it involves people coming up on stage without any prior preparation and delivering a speech! Imagine that!