Public Speaking & Presentations

Mastering The Elusive Persuasive Speech

Persuasion is the cardinal principal of repetition. Writing a persuasive speech is like being a lawyer presenting a case in front of a jury. The writer takes a stand on an issue either “for” or “against” and then builds up the strongest possible arguments to win over the audience.

Make Your Informative Speech Engaging

Giving a speech nowadays can be considered to be a necessary social norm that stands relevant to both personal and professional front. It is because speeches form a great way to establish that connection with the audience to communicate what you have to. At the professional front especially, speeches are a vital tool put across …

The Relevance Of Keynote in A Speech

When somebody says that he needs to hire a keynote speaker, what do you think it means? Well, the term “keynote” does not essentially relate to its literal meaning here, but to the fact that a keynote speaker is someone who actually begins the session by underlining the main theme.

Presentation Points To Be Kept in Mind For An Architect

When looking at those aesthetically astounding buildings, getting amazed is natural. But, how many of us actually pause a while to think over the enormous efforts that are put into structuring those priceless symbols of flawless architecture. Rarely, a few! So, here is a salute to the think tanks, who invest their time and ideas …

Do’s And Don’ts Of A Graduation Speech

Graduation is a time that most people await eagerly and rightly so because that’s the time you step out in the real world! A graduation speech is an important part of the whole experience of graduating. And if you have been chosen to deliver your class’s graduation speech, then it is an experience like never …

Tips For A Winning Congressional Debate

Winning a congressional debate can be a task in itself because of the sheer volume of young orators that take part in it! A student congress or a congressional debate is an event in which students from different schools take part in a debate wherein each school provides legislation to debate on. The student competitors …

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