How Technology Have Changed the Presentations & Meetings [Infographic]

How Technology Have Changed the Presentations & Meetings [Infographic]

Technology is advancing too fast. Nowadays, it is quite difficult for many to imagine a world without these technology advanced. For business professionals, technology have changed a lot, including the communications, how professionals manage the companies or how presentations are being delivered.

How Technology Have Changed the Presentations & Meetings [Infographic]

In the past, presentations involved a verbal speech and individuals were able to do it in a manual environment with drawing boards, chalkboards, mainly. But later, presentations were supported by digital slides.

In the present day, there are many different apps and software tools that can help individuals to share their ideas online. Audience is not necessarily in the same meeting room, as they can see a presentation online or participate and collaborate online with tools such as Google Slides or Office 365.

Accordingly to the source of the following infographic, Brandeis University, more than 92 percent of all managers also work with presentation software actively, making them priorities in the meeting room to convey ideas.

The information can also be presented interactively, thanks to the advancements of modern technology. Many technology gurus and presentation professionals believe that the traditional meeting room will disappear as the technology advances. Also, the technology software and hardware for presentations will be cheaper and easier to access. In fact, nowadays it is possible to run a high effective presentation with free tools and using free templates.

Source: Brandeis University

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