How To Conquer Stage Fright

There are many of us who write the most amazing speeches and presentations and are very confident about them until the time to go on stage comes and the closer it comes the worse it gets, the jitters increase and the nerves keep tensing up. There may be a lot of us who have major stage fright and don’t know how to overcome it. Here are a few things you can try out that will help you.

stage fright

What is The Worse That Could Happen?

What is the worst thing that can happen when you get on that stage? The worse that can happen is that you forget what you had to say, you might lose a job; the audience might throw food at you. Now think of the starving children in the world, think about all the people suffering bring in some perspective. You want to do this! This is what you have rather a need to do! Go give that speech.

See Yourself Succeeding

The most amazing feeling is the feeling of achieving something. See yourself give a killer presentation and see the audience loving your speech. Bringing in a positive attitude will mean that you have already won half the battle. Now all you need to do is to go on that stage and hoist the last flag that proves it!

Make Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to indulge yourself in positivity and they are the best thing to have when you have a task ahead of you that you want to master. Make certain affirmations beforehand and say them out loud every day for a few days before the final presentation day and see them work their magic with a new confident you on the day of your speech.

Practice Your Performance

There is no way that you can concentrate on everything about stage fright and then go on stage and forget what you have to say. Practice every day and practice it even after you have perfected it. Practice in front of a mirror as if it is your final presentation and you will be ready to go on that stage when you have to.

Focus on Providing Information

Think of yourself as a person who is providing a service. You are helping people learn something new through the information you are providing and that is why it is important that you know everything that you are going to talk about. If you have your facts right everything will turn out great!

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