9+ Best SWOT PowerPoint Templates

Last updated on June 27th, 2023

One of the most basic and commonly used business concepts is the SWOT analysis. This is a simple analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for an organization. In a previous post we explained how to make a SWOT analysis; this time we have compiled a list of the Best SWOT PowerPoint Templates. This list includes both free and premium templates with various features and diverse slide designs.

Best SWOT templates for PowerPoint presentations (SWOT Analysis template PPT design)

1. Free SWOT Template for PowerPoint

This is quite a robust free SWOT analysis template. Not only can you add text to the sample diagram o quickly create a basic SWOT analysis for a presentation but even edit the diagram elements. The diagram is made up on elements which can be separated and edited directly within PowerPoint. This essentially means that you can recolor, rearrange and resize the diagram according to your customization requirements.

Free SWOT analysis PowerPoint template
Example of Simple SWOT Analysis Template PPT (Free Download)

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2. Free SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

While this might seem like a template with a minimalist design, it offers a good amount of space for adding more text to provide a detailed SWOT analysis. This makes a lot of sense, considering SWOT analysis are often lengthy and might take up more than a few bullet points to explain. You can of course, duplicate slides to continue your analysis and even make use of the five different layouts for presenting your findings.

Free SWOT Analysis presentation template
SWOT Analysis template PPT Design

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3. Free Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

If you need something that can give you more than just a SWOT analysis, this template is just what you need. This is an excellent template with not just a slide for presenting your SWOT findings but also to create a comprehensive marketing plan, starting from a title slide, executive summary, followed by a slide to elaborate upon challenges, followed by a project timeline slide, SWOT, competitor analysis, and market segmentation infographic slide.

It also enables you to add your own data from competitor analysis tools, market research software, etc.

With this free template you can create a comprehensive marketing plan by using the sample sequence, which pretty much fits the sequence of a professional marketing plan presentation.

Free marketing plan PowerPoint template
SWOT Analysis PPT template

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4. SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

This is a premium SWOT template by SlideModel with some very impressive flat design layouts which not only make the added text legible but the puzzle piece layouts also add some visual appeal to the sample slides. The template features eight slides with different layouts, including the title slide. The default sequence of slides provides a title slide, followed by a summary slide for adding points related to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, followed by one slide dedicated to each aspect of the analysis.

Needless to say, this template is highly customizable with endless possibilities for recoloring and reorganising slide elements for making custom SWOT diagrams.

Premium SWOT analysis PowerPoint template
Example of SWOT Analysis Template PPT

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5. SWOT Analysis Concept Slides for PowerPoint

This is a set of two diagrams with the same layout in different colors. The first is white and the other sports a black background. This beautiful template can help you add some visual appeal in your analysis and present it with an abstract layout which is cohesive enough to help present your analysis with a clean looking background.

SWOT analysis concept slides for PowerPoint
SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

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6. Simple SWOT PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for something simple, with good use of whitespace, this template can be a good slide deck for presenting your analysis. Other than a title slide, the template provides two set of slides dedicated towards explaining each aspect of the SWOT analysis. These layouts provide ample space for adding detailed text or you can also include illustrations and images for visual aid.

Simple swot analysis template for PowerPoint
Simple SWOT Analysis Slide Template (Strenghts, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Threats)

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7. Flat SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

Flat designs have been in fashion ever since the dawn of the Windows 8 Modern UI. This SWOT matrix template provides beautiful flat design layouts with colorful sample slides which can be used for presenting a detailed analysis. Like other premium templates in this list, this template is highly customizable, with the utility to recolor and rearrange slide objects.

Flat design SWOT PowerPoint template
Example of Flat SWOT Template Slide Design for Presentations

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The SWOT analysis templates given above give a diverse range of designs, which can be suitably used for making professional and academic presentations to present a SWOT analysis or explain its importance before an audience. You can download more SWOT templates via the links given below. If the SWOT slide is being added in a company slide deck, adding the company logo in the footer or header can help. A good logo can be created by a design agency, or by using a logo maker tool. Nowadays, there are AI logo generators that can be used to generate a creative logo design in seconds.

8. SWOT Diagram for PowerPoint

This is another great SWOT diagram for PowerPoint featuring SWOT components and relevant icons inside each component.

SWOT Analysis slide design for PowerPoint

9. Diamond SWOT Analysis PowerPoint template

The diamond SWOT Analysis template for presentations can be used to present a SWOT analysis in a PowerPoint presentation. This template can also be used in a Google Slides presentation.

SWOT Analysis Slide Template for Google Slides and PowerPoint
SWOT Analysis Slide Template for Google Slides and PowerPoint

Download more SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Templates for Presentations

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