Business Contrast Widescreen Template For PowerPoint Online

Last updated on November 17th, 2023

When creating a business presentation, you should always keep in mind that you are also marketing yourself as a capable and skilled individual. A presentation not only lets you show data, but also lets you take advantage of the spotlight for consideration of future career advancement. That is why it is important to create compelling and attractive presentations that would impress your bosses as well as your colleagues. 

Widescreen Business Template for PowerPoint

This Business Contrast Widescreen Template for PowerPoint Online is a powerful template that would definitely leave an impression on the minds of your audience. As business decisions are not always black and white, this template shows contrasts through a background of an office building. The bright blue text and vivid colors throughout the presentation template draw attention to your content.

Business-Themed Professional PowerPoint Template

Suitable for Business and Other Topics

This PowerPoint Template may relate to business but it also presents opportunities to be used for other topics and applications. It can be used for education, medicine, architecture and engineering presentations. The template’s layout is standard enough for any presentation topic to be able to effectively display tables, charts, SmartArt, photos and text.

Black White and Gray PowerPoint Background with Blue Text

Its design is simple and uncluttered, with a unifying theme that resonates throughout the presentation. It is set in a widescreen 16:9 format to maximize space and allow for better view for your audience. It can be opened through your browser via OneDrive and can be accessed, saved and modified to your computer.

Multiple Slide Layouts

This template contains 11 slides that start with a title or cover slide. The first slide alone allows you to create an impression and wow your audience. The succeeding slides contain sample lists, charts, tables and SmartArt to visually display your data. You can also add business timelines and even photos to further enhance your presentation.

Contains Sample Content and Layouts

You can easily duplicate the slides and choose from among the many slide layouts for your own presentation. The sample objects and the slide template itself can also be customized for your own needs and preferences.

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