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Last updated on November 17th, 2023

Vacations or trips are the type of events families and even individuals spend the year waiting, preparing and saving for. That is why it is important to start your vacation on the right foot by careful planning that would definitely lead to a fun, memorable and hassle-free vacation.

Trip Planner for Vacations

The Trip Planner Template for Word Online is a beautifully designed template specially made for planning that perfect trip. This Word Online Template can be used for your team building or company outing, as well as trips with friends, family members, or even just a special someone. This trip planner allows you to list your trip schedule and itinerary.

Beautiful, Stylish and Fun Trip Planner for Vacations

Plan Your Dream Vacation

This Trip Planner Template for Word Online can be accessed on your mobile device and it can be saved on the cloud through your OneDrive. You can also view, edit and save it as a Word document on your computer or laptop. Either way, this Word Online template is a highly useful and convenient tool to have around for creating well-planned trips, whether out of town, out of the country, or maybe even just nearby.

Simple, Standard and Single-Page Printer-Friendly Layout

This template is professionally designed for trip planning. The layout is created to allow you and anyone you show your Trip Planner to get more excited about the vacation and the adventure that awaits. The template has sample photos of a concert, a beach, sandcastle, and surfboards to depict daily vacation activities at a glance. You can change these photos with your own or from a hotel or tourism website to customize the planner to your own vacation.

Well-Planned, Hassle-Free Trips

This trip planner allows you to plan for up to five days, but it is up to you to have it shortened or lengthened just by deleting or copying and pasting the days.

Easily Customize the Trip Planner Template

The planner allows you to write a detailed itinerary for daily activities. The first day contains information such as Destination, Where to eat, What to do, Where to stay, How to get there. The following days lets you list other activities that you can do on your vacation.

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