Animated Infographic Diagrams Maker Template For PowerPoint

Infographics are often not much different from standalone diagrams, as one requires visually representing information in an intricate web that binds different elements together. If you want to make infographic diagrams, the template mentioned below can help you big time.

Create Infographic Diagrams for PowerPoint

The Animated Infographics Template for PowerPoint basically gives you an arsenal of content that you can edit to create your own diagrams in the form of infographics. Like the infographic templates for PowerPoint covered earlier, this template too offers handy layouts, editable diagrams and clipart for making your custom infographic slides.

Info circles graphics

The sample slides provide a basic idea as to how you can use the editable content. The slide shown in the image given below can be used for making a risks and rewards themed diagram, such as slides presenting incentives for employees, a marketing strategy, sales promotion ideas, etc.

Animated infographic diagrams maker PowerPoint template

Create Charts and Sequential Diagrams

You can create sequential diagrams and charts using sample layouts and also change the color, size and shape of the given content. The below sample diagram shows an editable process diagram.

Phase process clipart

Likewise, this slide can be used for making donut charts by editing the sample charts shown below. These charts can be edited using charts tools in PowerPoint. You can edit chart data to reflect your own trends and change their format or colors to match your needs.

Donut charts for PowerPoint

Infographics Icons and Symbols

There is an exclusive slide with icons and symbols which you can incorporate in your slides for making infographics. These clipart images are quite an arsenal for any presenter, as they cover topics as vast as technology, business, education, finance, etc.

Info icons and images for PowerPoint

This infographics template is good for making diagrams on Windows and Mac, using PowerPoint. For more details, see links given below.

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