Animated Espionage PowerPoint Templates

Spying, espionage and identity theft aren’t alien concepts for presenters, especially if you want to discuss Apple and Samsung’s lawsuits! In a presentation you might want to touch upon issues related to network security or maybe glorify your friends and tell everyone how you are as thick as thieves. You can choose slides from the Animated Espionage PowerPoint Templates listed below to steal the show.

Animated thief PowerPoint templates

Safe Breach Video Animation for PowerPoint

One of the best animations at Presenter Media has an amazing feature; you get to add your own text and logo. Safe Breach is one such video animation, which enables adding text and images to a video depicting a thief stealing confidential files from a safe.

Customize thief video animation

You can customize the animation from the Presenter Media link given below and then download the animation as a PowerPoint slide to further edit it using PowerPoint Ribbon menu options. You can also add text-boxes over the animation to describe your slides.

Go to Presenter Media – Safe Breach Video Animation for PowerPoint

Safe breach video animation for PowerPoint

Thief Text Video Animation for PowerPoint

This amazing video animation depicts a medieval thief making his way into a castle where he opens a treasure chest to steal gold. Only, the gold is made up of custom text that you can add at the developer’s website to customize this animation and give a special message to your audience. This can be anything from your presentation topic or a ‘Thank You’ note to conclude your presentation.

Go to Presenter Media – Thief Text Video Animation for PowerPoint

Thief text animation for PowerPoint

Animated Mission Impossible PowerPoint Template

Step into the shoes of Tom Cruise, sort of! This Mission Impossible themed animated template revisits the famous scene from the first movie by depicting a stick figure infiltrating a secure facility to do something nasty.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Mission Impossible PowerPoint Template

Mission impossible animation for PowerPoint

Running With Money Bags Animation for PowerPoint

If you want something simple, you can opt for this GIF animation of a thief running with money bags. You can also download this animation as a video file in MOV or Flash video format.

Go to Presenter Media – Running With Money Bags Animation for PowerPoint

Thief running with money bags

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