Deadline Animations for PowerPoint

For the responsible professional, deadlines are as important as breathing. But it’s not just people doing some kind of professional work that need to watch out for deadlines. Students, informal commitments with friends and personal goals too require deadlines. The Deadline Animations for PowerPoint provide editable animated slides to help you create amazing presentations.

Animated Clock Themed Slides

The presentation template has a very impressive opening slide which depicts an analogue clock. This title slide comes with blue and red sample text.

Deadline Animations for PowerPoint

There is a slide that shows a hand marking a deadline on a calendar, as well as slides with illustrations of stopwatches, gold coins, hourglasses, etc. All illustrations depict the importance of time and the animations allow added text to play out with pre-defined animated content to help you create attention grabbing slides.

Stop Watch infographics

Time Infographics

You can use time as a central theme and create infographics by making use of the given sample content. There are a number of interesting icons given within the sample illustrations that can help you emphasize the importance of things like time management, deadlines, time constraints, punctuality, and the like.

Time Infographics

Clocks Falling Off a Cliff

The last slide in the deck depicts clocks falling off a cliff. This is symbolic for loss of time or failure due to poor time management. This is an example of the type of illustrations that are available in this slide deck.

Time is Money Clipart

The creatively designed slides provide ample scope for creating some amazing content with little effort. This is because the animations and well-matched slide colors do most of the job for you. All you have to do is to highlight some of your key points by making use of these animations and illustrations.

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