Animated Business Startup PowerPoint Template

Many people who get tired of a day job or want something more in life start their own business. But not everyone can start big. This is why many people seek a loan or grant for a business startup. If you want to push your startup to new heights, you may need to start by applying for funds and we have just the template you need to make a business startup PowerPoint template.

animated business startup powerpoint template

Launch Your Startup

The Rocket Ship Blast Off PowerPoint Template is a startup themed slide deck for making your presentations to persuade people regarding the viability of your startup. The template has a theme which depicts a rocket launching into space, which is meant to represent the launch of a startup.

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startup template

Reveal Your Plan in Easy to Understand Layouts

The template provides infographic like slides which can help you cohesively explain different parts of your business plan. You can use these layouts to place your content in such a way that the audience is able to follow each step of your plan one by one.

startup powerpoint template

Impress Your Audience with Animations

The animated layouts make it possible for you to keep your audience interested and awake during your pitch deck. The animations are already set in the template and your added content will be played with animations when your present it as a Slideshow. This means you don’t have to spend time animating your slides manually.

startup infographic

Create Diagrams, Timelines & Project Plans

The slides given in this template are adequate enough to help you design robust slides with diagrams, timelines and project plans. There are a number of editable layouts that can help you design custom diagrams, roadmaps and infographics.

sample startup diagram

Since the template contains objects that can be individually selected and reused, you get access to clipart and objects that can be copied to redesign slides with your own customizations.

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