10+ Best PowerPoint Templates for Good Sales Presentations

Last updated on April 23rd, 2024

Sales presentations are critical components of the sales process, demanding the presenter be at their best to not only captivate the audience but also elicit a positive outcome. A lackluster presentation is likely to result in lackluster sales. Conversely, a compelling presentation may sparkinterest in your product, leading to purchases.

A critical determinant of an engaging sales presentation is its content, which can be significantly enhanced using an apt presentation template. This article will present some of the best sales presentation templates compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Best Sales PowerPoint Presentation Templates

1. Animated Real Estate PowerPoint Template

Ideal for Real Estate or general sales presentations, this Real Estate PowerPoint Template provides various useful sample slides to help you create animated slides with details about the property that you may be interested in selling or a catalog of your products/services. Find out more about the Animated Real Estate PowerPoint Template.

Real Estate Sale PowerPoint Template
Real Estate Sale PowerPoint Template

2. Pitch An Idea PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this template comes with various sample slides with clipart, animations, charts and different flexible layouts to help you create presentations to pitch your ideas to an audience.

Try the Pitch An Idea PowerPoint Template.


3. On Target Darts Template For PowerPoint Presentations

This is an animated video background that can also be downloaded as a PowerPoint Template. It shows a video animation of a dart hitting the target and can be customized with your own text and company logo.

To hit the sales target, you might find the On Target Darts PowerPoint Template quite useful.


4. Timeline PowerPoint Template

Timelines are an effective method of presenting complex data to the audience in an easy to grasp manner. To display the success of a company or product or to convince the audience of the effectiveness of your product; you might find it useful to create an animated timeline.

See more details about the Timeline PowerPoint Toolkit.


5. Goals And Objectives PowerPoint Template

Goals and objectives make up of the building blocks of any presentation. How you present your goals and objectives can be the difference between the success and failure of your sales pitch.

The Goals And Objectives PowerPoint Template provides a plethora of sample slides to help you create a sales presentation with witty animations, clipart, statistical charts and more.


If you are interested in creating a good key objectives slide for your presentation, we recommend you to read how to make an objective slides in PowerPoint.

6. Game Show PowerPoint Template

One of the best ways to engage your audience is to create a  game show like environment. The Game Show PowerPoint Template comes with all the required tools that can help you create a Family Feud like game show environment to engage your audience.

You can ask questions using the Game Show PowerPoint Template and give out product samples to winners to effectively generate interest regarding your product, or alternatively learn on other PowerPoint games for engaging and interactive presentations.


7. Sales PowerPoint Template

This Sales PowerPoint Template is a very basic, free template for PowerPoint that can be used for creating sales presentations on a static layout, with relevant content and an appropriate background to create a formal environment for presenting your sales ideas.


8. Sales Report PowerPoint Template

This template can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to project your sales stats to your boss or to create a sales presentation for an audience. The sample slides come with a well-balanced color layout, which is easy on the eyes and can help accommodate statistical data and graphs appropriately, as the background is light and does not have an overpowering effect on the added content.

Download the free Sales Report PowerPoint Template compatible with PowerPoint & Google Slides.

Sales Report PowerPoint Template

9. Sales Performance PowerPoint Template

If you require making a presentation to display your sales performance or that of your staff, then the free Sales Performance PowerPoint Template is just what you need.

Sales Performance PowerPoint Template

10. Salesmen PowerPoint Template

This is another flexible template which can be used for both reporting purposes and to create sales related presentations with a touch of humor.

You can also use the Salesmen PowerPoint Template to create training presentations to train a sales staff.

Salesmen PowerPoint Template

Final thoughts

The effectiveness of a sales presentation lies not only in its content but also in how that content is delivered. Utilizing suitable PowerPoint templates is a strategic way to elevate a presentation, create an engaging atmosphere, and drive potential sales. Whether it’s the Animated Real Estate PowerPoint Template designed for real estate presentations, or the Game Show PowerPoint Template that brings a fun twist to your sales pitch, choosing the suitable template can significantly enhance the impact of your message.

From aiding in pitching an idea, showing progress timelines, discussing goals and objectives, or even creating a sales report, the ten PowerPoint templates discussed in this article have diverse functionalities that cater to different aspects of a sales presentation. They offer ease of customization, professional designs, and versatile tools that can help you keep your audience engaged and invested in your sales narrative. Leveraging these resources can effectively drive your sales growth and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Therefore, selecting a fitting PowerPoint template is critical to a successful sales presentation.

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