10 Best Elevator Pitch Templates For PowerPoint

Sales personnel are always on the lookout for opportunities to rope in new customers. This is particularly true for sales representatives who have their performance linked to their remuneration, such as a salary calculated based on the number of units sold, or customers acquired for the company. Anyone engaged in sales and marketing needs to have a good slide deck handy for convincing potential customers on the go.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is like a quick presentation which can be deliver on the fly. As the name implies, it should be so concise that you can even pitch your ideas before someone during an elevator ride. This type of pitch is usually not more than 30 seconds, or 2 minutes long. Hence, the definition of an elevator pitch isn’t much different from a sales pitch definition. The main focus of the former is to save time and try to convince a potential lead within a short period of time, such as 30 seconds, or 2 minutes. However, it can be difficult to pitch a product service, or idea in such a short period of time without visual aid; as a mere elevator speech might not be enough. This is why it might be useful to make a slide deck that you can show to a potential lead on a smartphone or tablet.

We have created a list of the 10 best elevator pitch templates for PowerPoint. These templates can help you create high resolution slide decks, with the help of elevator pitch example slides to aid you in making attractive elevator pitch decks for grabbing leads on the fly.

Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Template

1. Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This is the perfect pitch deck for individuals and organizations looking to create compelling sales presentations. This sales pitch template provides 480 unique slides, each divided further in 20 categories, making up a virtually infinite number of sample slides at your disposal. The entire bundle contains as many as 19,600 slides, available with all kinds of sample layouts for making timelines, roadmaps, portfolios, revenue models, and the like.

The template is also available in as many as 5 aspect ratios, including; 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, A4 and US Letter. It’s not just a great template for startups but also for medium size and large organizations looking to enhance their clientele.

With over 4000 icons, and as many as 19,6000 slides, this might just be the only elevator speech template you may ever need.

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Startup X PowerPoint template

2. Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Imagine a pitch deck with as many as 67,000 high-quality slides, with easy drag and drop editing functionality for slide elements. Add to that the availability of all kinds of layouts for making your portfolio, about us, agenda, business model, competitor analysis, financial reports and related slides, and you get the Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template.

This is a giant template bundle with over 3500 vector icons, 67000 slides, business diagrams, charts, tables and virtually any kind of layout you might need for making not only a pitch deck but any kind of professional business presentation.

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Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint template

3. Pitch – Modern PowerPoint Template

When you’re looking to leave a lasting impression on someone during an elevator pitch, all you need is a good looking pitch deck and your selling skills on point. This modern UI themed pitch deck gives everything you need to create a compelling elevator pitch deck.

This is not your average pitch deck template, as it not only offers more than 800 high resolution slides, but also offers more than 500 font icons, mockups, maps for Europe, Asia, Australia and specific countries, as well as a range of charts, shapes and animated slides ready for you to utilize with some minor adjustments.

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4. Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Bundle

For presenters looking for a slightly unconventional pitch deck design, with color schemes that don’t have the green, white and blue in excess, this template can be a good option for making elevator pitch decks.

This PowerPoint bundle has been specifically designed for elevator pitches and comes with as many as 30,000 slides and 2400 icons to give you all that you need for making a 2 minute or 30 second elevator speech.

This sales pitch template has as many as 200 backgrounds, 44 color palettes, comes in 4 different resolutions, and offers both animated and non-animated slides to help you deliver the right mix of content for your elevator pitch.

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5. Decker PowerPoint Template

If you think thousands of slides are too overwhelming, and want to settle for something simple, then you can try out the Decker PowerPoint Template. The template comes with elegantly crafted flat design slide layouts, suitable for making a pitch and other types of business presentations. The template comes in 2 aspect ratios, i.e. the Standard 4:3 and Widescreen 16:9. Moreover, this template provides 3 premade color options, with 80 slides per color.

The slides have been designed to be easily editable and you can make anything from team and company profiles to infographics, competitor analysis, financial reports, market comparisons, etc.

What makes Decker PowerPoint Template worth using is its mix of slides that are practical for professional use and not too overwhelming with too many packed features. Hence, if you’re looking for a simple elevator pitch deck template, this is just what you need.

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6. Pitch Deck Start Up PowerPoint Template

Startups are companies that need to focus the most on gaining new clientele. A pitch deck presented by a startup needs to have the right mix of visual appeal, and relevant content, without visually overwhelming the audience. To get things right, a startup pitch deck should be clean looking, concise, with subtle graphics.

The Pitch Deck Start Up PowerPoint Template offers all that in the form of beautiful, clean looking slides, with 146 unique slides with unlimited color options.

What’s great about this pitch deck is that it not only has all kinds of business themed layouts but the sample slides have a clean look, with ample space for elaborating upon key points.

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7. Startup Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

This is another startup oriented template which is perfect for making pitch decks, business plans, and proposals. This template provides fully animated slides, and offers the bundle in files for the 4:3 Standard and 16: 9 Widescreen format. The template contains all kinds of fully animated business related layouts, with 5 premade colors, 111 unique slides, available with light and dark themes.

You can easily use this template for making a 30 second elevator speech, or a project proposal to pitch before a potential investor. This template has clean looking slides, with specific type of layouts for making marketing plans, competitor analysis, business models, and other related slides for delivering a concise deck to pitch your ideas.

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8. Widescreen Startup Pitch PowerPoint Template

Unlike conventional pitch deck templates, this bundle offers something more colorful. The slide designs come with colorful graphical elements, making your content more attractive. For example, the sample diagrams come with colorful shapes, so that your added content can help emphasize each part of the diagram.

This is a full HD widescreen template, with 100 slides, including 3 interactive Business Model Canvas slides. The slide bundle comes loaded with animations and interesting graphics to help you add some visual appeal to your elevator pitch presentations.

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9.  Elegant Startup Pitch PowerPoint Template

The Startup Pitch PowerPoint Template is an elegant slide deck which comes with 53 sample slides which can be used for making business plans, depicting business processes, as well as for presenting annual reports, project timelines, market analysis, project milestones, SWOT analysis, etc.

This is a comprehensive business presentation template which can be easily used for making elevator pitch presentations, with the aid of some very elegant slide designs. The template has slides with mainly grey and white shades, with a hint of different colors to light up slides; adding to the overall visual appeal.

With this template you get unlimited color options, HD Quality slides, 9 XML color files, 3 aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9 and A4 Print), and 53 elegantly crafted slides that are likely to get your pitch deck noticed.

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10. Startup Toolkit PowerPoint Template

This is a comprehensive toolkit for making business presentations and pitch decks. This slide bundle contains 110+ full HD slides, including animated slides. There is also an icons bundle included within the toolkit, with specific slides for making 60 second elevator pitches.

This toolkit can be used for making anything from comprehensive business plans and proposals which might need a 20-30 minute time period to explain, to 60 second elevator pitches. This makes it a flexible toolkit template that you can utilize according to need.

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While the above templates can help you make not only elevator pitch decks but also longer presentations, we compiled our list keeping in view the various features of the aforementioned templates that can specifically be useful for making elevator pitches. These templates can act like toolkits for you to create all kinds of business presentations and to provide your sales staff the means to deliver a concise overview to potential leads within a short period of time, even as short as an elevator ride.

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