Workshop Survey Form Template For Excel

Whether you are a teacher, public speaker, motivational speaker, or even a professional tasked to create a workshop on your expertise, you can benefit from conducting surveys after your workshop or seminar. This is because a workshop survey allows you to see real feedback from your audience so you know what elements or characteristics of your workshop you should maintain and improve upon. As with any endeavour, having this kind of survey allows you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and do better next time.


With this Workshop Survey Form Template for Excel, you can save yourself plenty of time, hassle, and legwork because everything is practically prepared for you. The survey form template is designed specifically for workshops and can be easily understood and filled out by your participants, whatever their education or skill levels are.

Convenient, Calculated, and Clear

This template is in Excel and everything is premade for you so you don’t have to tackle all the formula and formatting. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Excel user, this template is easy as well. It comes with instructions found in the Instructions worksheet tab that will help you to create, customize, and share the template to your workshop participants. Simply follow the instructions and guide and you are good to go.

Meanwhile going to the Survey worksheet tab will bring you to the survey form itself. Here, you can ask your workshop participants important information about how you conducted the workshop. This information includes questions on their opinion about the workshop, the effectiveness of the trainer, what they liked most about the workshop, the length of the workshop, and if they are willing to recommend the workshop to others.


With these questions, you can easily find out how well you did on the workshop. The fact that it is an Excel Online template, you can immediately send out the survey to your participants online or offline while the workshop is still fresh from their memories. Doing so will make your survey more accurate and reliable.

Easy Collaboration and Sharing Online

And because it is an Excel Online template, it is perfect for surveying participants of digital or online workshops or webinars. Everything is online and in the cloud so you can easily send it out and then quickly generate results.

In fact, this template is so convenient that even the survey results or responses are automatically recorded and updated in your file.


You can access this free survey template for Excel Online at

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