Party Planning Survey Form Template For Excel

Today, replies to RSVPs are hard to come by. In this digital world, it doesn’t seem to be taken as seriously as in the earlier times when RSVPs are a strict matter of manners and courtesy. Today, responses to invitations are even sent over the internet especially on social media. So if you are preparing a party, before you panic, you can try this Party Planning Survey Form Template for Excel.


The Party Planning Survey Form Template for Excel is party-planning pal of the highest caliber if you need your guests to RSVP, therefore completely taking out the hassle of waiting for them to respond or not. This template harnesses technology because you can get the responses of your guests online and in real time.

Easy, Breezy RSVP

The survey form template is in Excel and contains preset formula to allow you to easily see and be updated how many guests are attending your event. By emailing the link to your guests or by sending it via instant message or social media. Guests can then view the survey anytime, through their mobile devices or computer, and respond easily, therefore making the whole process easy for them as well.


This survey form template in Excel features instructions and guides so any user, regardless of Excel or Office skill level, can use it for all their party planning needs. The instructions show in detail how to create, edit, and share the survey. It also shows how the responses are automatically recorded on the file.

Perfect Party Planning Pal

This template allows you to be updated with your guests so you can make the proper provisions and preparations. The basic questions are in a separate Survey worksheet template and include Yes or No answers to attending the event, the guests or party items they will bring, and their favourite party game. The instructions in the Instructions tab show how you can add more questions to the template for your own event.

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