Droplet PowerPoint Template

Water symbolizes cleansing, cleanliness, calm, and nature. You can incorporate these qualities in your next presentation with a template that harnesses the beauty of water. Through the Droplet PowerPoint Template, you can channel the movement and serenity of water in your presentations.


This Droplet PowerPoint Template features a gray gradient background with water droplets of different shapes framing each slide. The overall design looks clean, cohesive, and professional.

This general-purpose PowerPoint template can be used for many types of business, school, and home or household presentations. Because of its general layout and easily customizable slides, you can use and reuse the template for business plans, sales pitches, proposals, meeting presentations, market research results, and more. It can even be used for beach or water-themed presentations, events, or photo albums.

To customize, you can change the preset coordinating fonts, effects, and accents. You can change the font styles and colors to better match your brand or personal preference. You can also go to the Design tab on the Ribbon to format the background and other design elements of the template.


To complete your own presentation, you can click on the New Slide on the Home tab. From here, a dialog box will populate to show you the different layout options, such as Title Slide, Comparison, Transition, and many more. You can also add numbered or bulleted lists, tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams. Additionally, you can make your presentation even more interesting with images and captions.

Since this template is in PowerPoint Online, it is easy to access and modify the template any time you need to create a presentation. This Droplet PowerPoint Template, like many other PowerPoint Online templates, is easily available through any mobile device or computer. Simply open any browser and log on to your OneDrive account.


And because this is on the cloud, it is also easy to remotely work with your team for any presentation project. You all can just access the template and make modifications or updates to the template to create your own presentation even if you are all far away from each other.

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