Market Research

Learn about the various apps and services that you can use for conducting a market research. This section lists web services, Office templates and apps that can be used for market research. This includes polling software, quiz makers, survey forms and the like.

With the help of these tools and templates you can conduct your own market research and instantly gather audience feedback during Live presentations.

Articulate Quizmaker: Create Quizzes, Surveys, and Interactive Assessments

Making surveys and quizzes for PowerPoint presentations, e-learning courses and Learning management Systems can be extremely time consuming and laborious. Moreover, even applications like Microsoft Word or InfoPath aren’t always convenient for the job. This is why a specialist application like Articulate Quizmaker can be quite handy. Quizmaker enables easy creation of surveys, quizzes and …

Survey Report : Conduct Surveys To Find Out What Co-Workers Really Think About You

Ever wanted to know what your colleagues really thought about you? Why not conduct an anonymous survey? Survey Report is a web service that uses the LinkedIn platform to gather anonymous feedback from your professional contacts using surveys. Survey Report provides you with an innovative new way of finding out what your colleagues might think …