Widescreen Dividend PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for a purple and gray themed template for your PowerPoint presentation that is both professional looking and interesting, then you have come to the right place. This general purpose PowerPoint template is great for business, academic, organizational, home or personal use. 

This Widescreen Dividend PowerPoint Template has a sleek, futuristic design that optimizes readability due to its high contrasts and widescreen format. The template has a solid and crisp white background. It starkly contrasts with a dark purple rectangular overlay. Meanwhile, there are also gradient effects on a set of lines bordering the slide template, with colors showing dark purple, purple and gray.

Widescreen Purple Minimalist Template for PowerPoint

This template contains an impressive cover slide or title page where you can easily click on the text placeholders to add your own title and subtitle.

Then you can add more slides by clicking on New Slide under the Home menu on the Ribbon. The New Slide option presents a variety of professionally laid out slides to help you organize and present your content in a brief yet highly informative manner so you can make the most out of each slide.

By choosing the layouts, you can present your content as lists, comparisons, tables, photos, charts, graphs, and diagrams, to name a few. Simply add or duplicate as many slides as you need for your presentation and insert your own data or type your message.

Add New Slides to Build Your Own Presentation

If purple is not your color of choice, the template also presents variants. Simply click on the Design menu under the Ribbon and choose from the color and theme options from the Variants menu.  Here, you can choose green, blue, and many other color schemes. To further customize your template, you can also format the background or change the theme through the Design menu as well.

Another remarkable feature of this PowerPoint Online Template is that if offers you convenience in terms of accessing and editing the template from anywhere, using either your mobile devices or your own computer. Its online feature also makes the template easy to share so others can view or make changes to the template.

Choose from Different Variants and Color Schemes

You can also download a regular, offline template version into your own computer.

Go to Dividend PowerPoint Template (Online Version)

Go to Dividend PowerPoint Template (Offline Version)

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