The Best Android Smart Wear So Far

Smart is the new catchphrase of this era that we live in. We have evolved from Smart phones to Smart wear. We now live in the Era of Smart watches and bands that help us keep a tab on the vast realm of internet and the things that it offers us. We love to stay connected and smart watches just up this game of catch.

Over the years Android has given us the power we needed to reach for the stars, not literally but figuratively it has actually given us a piece of infinity to carry around. Android wear helps us keep in touch even when we do not feel like reaching for our beloved Smartphone.

Best Android gear so far

There have been some truly ground breaking releases in this segment of Smart wear. Some of the best Smart watches launched so far have been from the houses of Samsung, LG and Motorola and as others gear up to give the world there share of Android madness here is a list for you that would help you choose your Smartwatch a bit more Smartly.

Moto 360

The moment this baby was launched it took to the throne. There is just something about the round dial that makes you fall in love with it. Moto 360 brings the game to you. You can easily customize the face of the watch without losing out on anything more than the previous dial. Although the battery life was an issue initially but with the recent software updates that has been taken care of. In addition, the wireless charging is just the cherry on top.

LG G watch

If you are a big fan of custom straps, this is the one for you. This is not a piece that would get you excited when you first lay your eyes on it but it will surely grow on you as you get to know it better. The dial is squarish and the custom strap is a basic rubber one but the thing that makes this a truly amazing piece is the superb battery life and a great charging mechanism that makes use of a charging dock that is almost as big as the watch and sticks to the watch. All you need to do is align them right and plug in the micro USB.

Samsung Gear Live

It is a style statement in itself and offers a high pixel density AMOLED display. The dial is flat and chunky but the body is curvy and that is what brings it to the list. There are a number of shortcomings like the chunky charging mechanism and the bloatware but it is a decent piece.

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