WebStorm: Cost Effective Idea Collection And Ranking Solution

Making portals for collecting data from employees, customers and business partners might require managing your own database and hiring developers to create and maintain your portals. However, you can also use third-party service providers and setup your portal in just a few easy steps. WebStorm is a platform for collecting and ranking data. Using WebStorm you can easily setup your own idea collection and ranking portal for your customers, partner companies and even company employees. The accumulated data can help you better understand trends, which can be later translated in the form of company reports, PowerPoint presentations and used for strategic planning by company departments.

Web Storm

Highly Customizable And Easy To Use Portals

As WebStorm is an On-Demand service with highly customizable features, it can be adjusted to display your company’s branding, logo, graphics and a color scheme that suits your needs. You can sign up for a demo and also see the various simple steps for creating a portal using WebStorm from the developers website. Using WebStorm you can setup your portal in just a few clicks by using the One Click Setup.

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One Click Step

No Need To Spend On Servers And IT Personel For Maintaining Portals

WebStorm is hosted by the developers of this service, i.e. Brightidea. This ensures that you don’t have to maintain your own development department or servers just to get some portals up and running or for ensuring their long term management. All management tasks are performed by the Brightidea team which can help your business reduce costs and also gather valuable insight from company stakeholders. All you have to do is to start the One Click Setup, Configure and Customize your portal, Find and Develop Ideas and you are good to go.

Design Template

Easily Collect Ideas From Employees, Partners And Customers

As mentioned earlier, WebStom can be useful for companies which intend to gather ideas or suggestions from their employees, customers or business partners. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes as it is highly customizable and flexible enough to suit your data collection needs.

Collect Ideas From Customers And Employees

You can also run individual WebStorms using various designs to encourage participation for various campaigns. All Campaigns can be kept open to the public to help accumulate maximum feedback. Furthermore, you can also use the micro blogging feature to post updates, news and important details regarding the campaign. For more details about how you can use WebStorm to benefit your company, head over to the developers website.

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