How to Insert a Custom Layout Every Time I Insert a New Slide in PowerPoint

Custom layouts are great to show the data and presentation content in different ways but keeping the presentation consistently at the same time. By default, every time you insert a new slide, the default Title plus Content slide is show in the presentation editor, however you may be interested to use a different custom layout or existing layout every time you insert a new slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

For example, you may be interested to insert the blank slide layout instead of the title+content layout because you don’t want to stay with the default placeholders for text. Moreover, if you ware a Keynote speaker or create modern presentations in PowerPoint with full screen high quality pictures and photos you likely will move the text around the slide for every new slide. So, using a blank slide layout can do it.

The same situation if you use the comparison layout on every new slide. You may be interested to insert this comparison layout as default for new insert slide command.

Here we will show you the PowerPoint tip to use a desired layout every time you insert a new slide.

How to Insert a Different Layout in PowerPoint on Every New Slide

First, you need to go to Slide Master or enter the template edit area in PowerPoint 2010.

Here, look at the left and you will see small thumbnails with the different layouts that this presentation has available.

Just need to move the layout that you want to use as default for every new slide to the 3rd position.

This PowerPoint trick can be very useful for presenters who need to use the same layout every time that they insert a new slide.

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