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Create Amazing Videos & Presentations with Animoto

Animoto Video

Footage recorded via digital cameras and smartphones can often go unused as many people lack video editing skills. However, there are web services like Animoto that can help you convert your video clips, photos and other types of digital media into video stories and presentations. Using Animoto is as easy as making PowerPoint slides.

InEx Finance: easy-to-use online software for personal money management

InEx Finance is a free web-based application designed to help you manage your personal finances easily and efficiently. The software is jam-packed with standard as well as more sophisticated money management tools intended to assist you in handling daily financial tasks and gaining better control over your personal finances. InEx Finance has a clean design and …

PowerPoint Mood Meter

PowerPoint Mood Meter

Measuring the mood in the audience is maybe one of the smart things you can do as a presenter or as part of the presentation team. There are many tools that you can use to measure mood in PowerPoint presentations but definitely one of the most recent tools (and free) that you can use is …