Use Your Best Content for PowerPoint with Qorus Slide Builder

One of the biggest challenges of creating PowerPoint presentations is building content. Similar to a writer’s block, you may be faced with a blank slide not knowing what to do and waiting for that elusive inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. This could take hours or even days, something that you can’t afford to do especially when you’re running on a deadline. And this is where Qorus Slide Builder steps in.

Providing Content Solutions for Organizations

A content-generation app that provides all kinds of proposal, pitch, and many other content solutions to individuals and businesses, Qorus is now available for PowerPoint. Thanks to Office 365 including Qorus as an add-in, it will be easier for users like you to create stunning content for your slides.

Launch Qorus

Named Qorus Slide Builder, the add-in allows you to become more productive and to create better, more meaningful and effective presentations. This is because PowerPoint makes it possible for you to use Qorus within the program so that you can put together slides with the best content right from your computer and the cloud.

You can download the add-in on AppSource from the Office Store. You can then use it through PowerPoint 2016 or Office Online. To launch the add-in, make sure to enable editing on your PowerPoint slideshow. Then, click on “Trust this Add-in” on the add-in panel. And then, you’re done and you can use Qorus for PowerPoint.

Any work you’ve done on a particular subject, or project, can be easily and quickly found by the Qorus Slide Builder so you can place it on your slides. With Qorus Slide Builder, you not only find content from your computer but from your cloud-based files through OneDrive for Business as well as SharePoint Online. Thus, the add-in is capable of collecting files from projects you’ve shared and collaborated with your team or organization.


Unlock Features that Make Content Building Easier for Presenters

Qorus Slide Builder enables many features for PowerPoint. It helps unlock the full potential of your content so you can create stunning presentations that get the job done of effectively delivering your message across.

When it comes to making convincing pitches or the most comprehensive project reports, Qorus Slide Builder is your most reliable and useful companion. With Qorus Slide Builder, you not only find the content you already have in the cloud, you can even preview and re-use it. This is way easier and faster than starting your content from scratch or trying to remember what you’re supposed to say on your slides.


This also makes it easier for you and your team to create a knowledge base of information for easy archiving and reuse for future presentations. Furthermore, you can be sure that your information, whether these are statements or figures, come to your slides accurately because you get them straight from your source.

All these said, you can easily create new PowerPoint presentations. You can also easily pick slides from other presentations and just assemble them depending on your own structure and message. Therefore, you take out any delay caused by starting from scratch or trying to think or remember what you need to include in each slide.

Search and Refine

Get Insights on Your Content with Qorus Slide Builder

Aside from the capability of pulling various content from various sources within OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, you can also get insights into the content being used over time. You learn more about the type of content being used by your team, as well as who uses which content and in which files, among many other insights. Knowing these things will allow you to plan your content, pay attention to the most used ones, as well as make improvements and adaptations, whenever necessary.

Get Insights with Qorus

Qorus Slide Builder for PowerPoint is free for those with an Office 365 subscription as well as those with Office 2016 on their desktops. However, it’s not compatible with those who have earlier versions of Office.

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