Be Creative Today PowerPoint Template

You might want to add some novelty to your slides by choosing to be creative rather than boring. If you want to be creative today with your presentation, you can try the Be Creative Today PowerPoint Template.

Be Creative Today PowerPoint Template

Creatively Designed Slides

The template comes with creatively designed slide layouts that are unconventional in every way. The slides are minimalist, with shades of black, white and occasionally, blue. The simple slide designs are not only eye-catching but also provide a comic book like design to make your content easier to grasp.

The Creative PowerPoint Template

Use the Sample Content and Get Creative

You can use the icons, layouts and illustrations in this template to design custom slides to reflect your presentation content. You can insert your own charts, create timelines, add images and make use of the sample icons to get your message across more effectively.

Creative Timeline

You can design timelines, forecasts and projections, create comparisons and other types of slides by using the sample slides. The layouts are flexible enough to be customized according to specific requirements with the use of drag and drop. You can also use Picture Tools in PowerPoint to get creative with individual slide elements.

Be Creative Creative PowerPoint Template

Icons for Customizing Your Slides

The set of icons given in the final slide of this template give you all the symbols you can need for designing your slides. These icons can be used for a plethora of topics, to discuss a wide range of concepts. The icons include; stick figures, the light bulb symbol famous for symbolizing a bright idea, airplane, cloud, gear icon, the mail icon, watch, hand illustrations, etc.

Creative Symbols

The Be Creative Today PowerPoint Template is compatible with all 2007 and later editions of PowerPoint for PC and Mac.

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