Ultimate Tips to Make Attractive Flow Charts in PowerPoint

Ultimate Tips to Make Attractive Flow Charts in PowerPoint

Making flow charts in PowerPoint can help to describe the entire flow of a process as well as making comprehensive funnel analysis presentations for sales and management but also to be used in other complex industries and presentations. We have created this post to organize some of the ideas we had to make flow charts in PowerPoint so you can make this sort of diagrams and slides using Microsoft Office.

There are many different types of flow charts, linear flow charts, circular flow charts, process flow chart, workflow chart, cross-functional flow chart, business process modeling diagrams or just a basic flow chart. but if you want to learn how to make flow charts in PowerPoint then reusing some of our free flow chart templates can let you save time and money.

Download Free Basic Flow Chart PowerPoint Template

To use this template you just need to download the flow chart PPT and then edit the slide content using shapes. You can also import the Flow Chart in a Google Slides if you use Google Slides instead of Microsoft PowerPoint. Aside of the process flow chart elements you can also use connectors and apply styles to the shapes. This will help to make your slides more appealing to your content and visual identity.

This article describes a way to make flow charts in PowerPoint using shapes, you can use this approach if you just need to make a basic flow chart for your slides and then use the connectors to connect the shapes together and form the flow.

Flow Chart PowerPoint Template (5539 downloads)

Use 3rd party software to make flow charts for presentations

Another way to make attractive flow charts is by using one of the flow chart generator tools or flow chart makers. You can find free and paid tools available online or as a software. SmartDraw, Lucid Charts, FlowCharts.com are just examples of this kind of tools.

Once you generate your flow chart you can export the image and then import it in the PowerPoint slide.

The drawback is that you’ll need to use the original software in case you need to edit the flow chart later.

Making Flow Chart Diagrams in Excel

If you use Excel, then you can also make flow charts in Excel and then export the diagram to PowerPoint. This is especially convenient if you have Excel skills and you can take advantage of the free flow chart templates for Excel 2013 available on MS Office.com templates gallery.

Alternatively you can also download free circular chart templates in PowerPoint like this awesome diagram that we have created for presentations using PPT shapes.

Download Premium Flow Chart Templates for PowerPoint

Metro Style Flow Chart Template for PowerPoint

The Metro Flow Flow Chart template for PowerPoint is a premium flowchart design toolkit and editable template that you can use to prepare flow charts in Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Metro Flow Flow Chart template for PowerPoint

Go to Metro Style Flow Chart Template for PowerPoint


Creating flow charts in PowerPoint is possible and there are several techniques and methods to use them. You can either build your own flow charts from scratch using the PowerPoint shapes or instead of reinventing the wheel you can use pre-defined flow charts. Some advanced techniques allow you to make interactive Flow Charts in PowerPoint by applying animations and special effects such as Morph.

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